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Digital Load Cell ADS321

Digital Load Cell ADS321
Catalog: digital weighing module
Channel : 1 Channel
Application: digital weighing, weight indicator,process control instrument、compression and tension testing
keyword: digital load cell, digital weight transmitter
Product Details:

Digital Load Cell(ADS321

Model: ADS321 Digital Load Cell

Catalog: digital weighing module

Channel : 1 Channel

Work voltage: 6-12vdc

Signal output: RS485 /Modbus

Application: digital weighing, weight   indicator, process   control instrumentcompression and tension testing machine,force test…

keyword: digital load cell, digital   weight transmitter

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For the manufacture of digital load   cells, weighing indicators, process control weighing instruments, tensile   testing machine, and other weighing or force measuring occasions. 2. Round   modules are designed for embedding in the analog load cells and serving as   A/D converters

Measuring range: ±15mV

A/D Resolution:1000000

Temperature coefficient:≤5ppm/℃(typical)

Hardware Interface: RS-485interface,   half-duplex.

Software   Protocol: Rectangle: Freeport/ Modbus RTU protocol (opt.) / Round: Freeport   protocol

Dimensions(mm):Rectangle:55×49×18 /  Round :Φ32×8

A/D conversion, digital calibration,   tare, zero setting/tracking, switch-on zero setting,anti-dithering;

All the parameters can be set through serial   interface;

Module addresses are available from 0 to   31. Modules can work through bus communication;

Baud rate, parity bit and data output   format can be set. 120038400bps;

Digital filtering: standard filtering or   LPF;

Sampling speed: 3.125400Hz;

Storage of the parameters with protection   against power failure;

Operating Voltage: 9V DC(6.5V12V); Operating Current:≤40mA;

Complete protection: wrong wiring   protection, overvoltage protection, transient voltage suppression;

Operating temperature range: -40℃~+70; Storage temperature range: -60℃~+90


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