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Focus On The Development Of Instrumentation Products Discussion
Sep 02, 2015

Industrial automation instrument: focus on developing the master control system based on fieldbus devices and intelligent instrument, special and special automation instrument; Fully expand the service areas, promote the instrumentation system of digital, intelligent, networked, complete automation instrument from analog to digital technology, digital instrument within five years more than 60%; To speed up with independent intellectual property rights of the commercialization of the automation software. Electrician instruments: focus on developing long life watt-hour meter, electronic watt-hour meter, special dedicated electrical measuring instrument and automatic metering management system of power grid. By 2005, low-standard electrical instrumentation in the domestic market share reached 95%; By 2010, the middle and electrician instruments should achieve 80% domestic market share.


Science test instrument: focus on developing process analysis instruments, environmental protection monitoring instruments and meters, industrial furnaces and energy saving analysis instrument and auto parts around the basic industries of dynamic balance, dynamic test and vehicle performance detector, earth type measuring instrument, electronic measuring instrument, measuring global positioning system (GPS) and other machine, laboratory instruments and other new products. Products with high technical content of intermediate products, by 2005 accounting for 50% ~ 60% of total output.


Environmental protection instruments: focus on atmospheric environment, water environment monitoring and automatic control system of environmental protection product, given to strengthen the environmental protection law enforcement to speed up the construction step, intensify the building of environmental protection investment and developing environmental protection industry the need of the new growth point of national economy, in the face of more than 5000 environmental testing station in China and a large number of urban sewage treatment and wastewater treatment this huge market, the future environmental protection instrument and meter industry product market will have a substantial growth. According to incomplete statistics, in 1998 China's environmental protection instruments and monitoring system output value of about 1.17 billion yuan, will expand to 4.2 billion by 2005 yuan in the late 1990 s the international advanced level, domestic market share reached 50% ~ 60%, and by 2010 will expand to 11 billion yuan, in 2010 the domestic market share of 70% or more. Thus, its market prospect is very broad.


Analytical chemistry instruments: key research direction includes: one is the high flux analysis, namely testing a large number of samples can be analyzed in unit time. Second, the extreme conditions analysis, including single molecule single-cell analysis and control for the current hot topic. 3 it is on-line, real-time, field, or in situ analysis, that is, from samples collected data output, achieve rapid analysis or a dragon. Four is detection, the two (or more than two) coupling analysis technology, complement each other, so as to complete the analysis of more complex tasks. Detection and combination instrument combination, particularly the emergence of triple or even quadruple system, has become the important direction of modern analytical instruments. Five is array technology, if the method of combination analysis technology as computer serial, so array technology is equivalent to parallel computing method of the computer. Like computer, array method is greatly improved the speed or the best way to sample batch processing. Once the parallel array and integration and chip production technology perfect combination of analytical chemistry will be moved to the new field.


Instrumentation components: "15" and 2010 years ago, as soon as possible to develop a batch of marketable, market the product with good effect, species share reached 70% ~ 70%, high grade product market share of 60% or more. Through public relations of science and technology, new product development, product quality level has reached international level in the late 1990 s, the partial products close to the same products abroad advanced level.


Medical equipment, focus on developing medical optical instruments; In digital imaging, high-grade black and white, colour to exceed, pa/transducer for key technology research and development of ultrasonic medical instruments; X-ray image processing system, the open type superconducting mri system such as large medical instruments and clinical information system; High-energy intelligent tumor therapy instrument system.


According to the requirements of national economic and social development in our country, in the full knowledge to the development trend of international instruments and meters, national develop instrumentation development strategic objectives: in the next 10 ~ 15 years, make full use of our country economy high speed development and huge market advantages, vigorously promote the new technology and new technology application in instruments and meters research, master the design of all kinds of instruments and meters, key technologies, such as production technology, the overall level of instrument and meter industry in China with the international level the gap shorten to 3 ~ 5 years, about 30% of the products reached the international advanced level in the same period, domestic instrument in the project of the large supporting capacity of more than 85%, occupy more than 75% of the share in the domestic market demand.


Modern instrumentation plays an important role and status in society today. In the face of the national economy, science and technology, national defense construction, and the urgent needs of the development of all aspects of social life, instrument and meter must speed up the development.

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