MLC300 tension load cell

MANYYEAR Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008.

We focus on mechanical measurement and design, and provide customers with precision load cell, force s ensor, torque sensor and pressure sensor products.

We have our own production base, with a complete sensor production process from CNC processing, strain gauge production, metal surface treatment, sensor packaging, sensor testing, engineering testing, sensor calibration, etc.

We have the production capacity of providing millions of qualified products to customers every month.

We have passed ISO9001 standard certification. Our products have CE, ROHS, invention patents and other qualifications.

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S1. Professional production; S2. 20 years of professional manufacturing capacity; S3. Scale production capacity;

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Engineering test

T1. Stress testing equipment with maximum 800t and minimum 20g; T2. High precision electronic balance analysis laboratory;

T3. Machining capacity of multi precision CNC; T4. 24-hour environment and life test


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Q1. The factory implements ISO9000 standard; Q2. Environmental standards; Q3. CE standard; Q4. Rohsl standard;

Q5. New practical patent; Q6. technical support; Q7. Assist customer design; Q8. Complete solution; Q9. OEM / ODM support

tension force load cell –MLC300

Category: Tension load cell

Range: Min 0.5kg; Max 150t

Material: Alloy steel, stainless steel alloy aluminum

comprehensive error: 0.01-0.1%FS

Rated output: 1.0mv/v;2.0mv/v

Non-linearity: 0.05-0.1%FS

Hysteresis: 0.05-0.1%FS

Repeatability: 0.03-0.1%FS

Creep: 0.03-0.1%FS/10MIN

Zero balance: ±1%FS

Input resistance: 700±10Ω

output resistance: 700±5Ω

Insulation resistance: ≥5000MΩ(100VDC)

Excitation voltage: 9~12VDC

compensated temp: -10~+40℃

use temperature: -20~+55℃

temp effect on zero: 0.05%FS/10℃

Temp effect on span: 0.05%FS/10℃

defend grade: IP65,IP66 & IP68

Force structure reference


Testing machine, Tension test, Compression force test, Safe overload, Crane scale, Feeding scale Steel embody scale