MANYYEAR Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008.

We focus on mechanical measurement and design, and provide customers with precision load cell, force sensor, torque sensor and pressure sensor products.

We have passed ISO9001 standard certification. Our products have CE, ROHS, invention patents and other qualifications.

We provide OEM and ODM services to our customers.

We provide free design assistance to our customers.

Product Index

Pressure sensor

ManyYear technology provides pressure sensor, pressure transducer, pressure transmitter. Injection molding machine pressure, liquid nitrogen pressure, liquid oxygen pressure, liquid hydrogen pressure, food processing, gas pressure, liquid pressure, melt pressure, water vapor pressure, water level measurement, oil pressure and other pressure measurements

Wide range. Min 500Pa, max 50000Bar

Wide temperature range. -265° C to 1200° C

High precision. 0.1%, 0.25%, 0.5% FS

High response. 1ms

High quality guarantee: ISO9000, CE, ROHS ..

OEM & ODM support.

Customer design support.

common pressure sensor

Differential pressure sensor

melt pressure sensor

Flush diaphragm pressure sensor

Corrosion protection pressure sensor

Flush diaphragm pressure sensor

high temperature sensor

level sensor